There go I except for the Grace of God

pastor-steepek-storyYesterday, I had a situation happen that has caused me to be humbled and wonder again at the grace of God.  In order that God will receive the full glory for this situation I will discuss what has happened in the past two weeks.

Firstly, I received an email from the blog of Andrew Alleyne the title was “I Hate Church” I became very upset with the thoughts in this post and sent it on so friends could critique it. The critiques were varied in opinion but I could not get the thoughts out of my mind that Andrew had mentioned.  The most outstanding thought was expressed by some street people who felt unwanted by professing Christians and rejected in the churches. I asked myself this question, “Am I one of those Christians?”

I did not agree with the methods this preacher used to reach these people as it seemed to favor the Emergent Church. However, the remarks of the street people haunted me. Just a few weeks prior to this I had listened to this message on sermon audio.  I knew this Peter Orasuk very well, He was a chosen vessel and God had reached him with His irresistible grace. He became a gospel preacher and many were saved through his preaching.

I have related these stories to show how God worked to prepare me for what I am about to relate:  As my friend and I were getting into my car there was a young man who appeared very unkempt motioning to me he wanted to talk. I was about to drive away than remembered all the things that God had brought before me over the last little while. My friend sitting next to me was a street person whom God reached by His grace. There was some fear but I thought I have got to trust in the Sovereignty of God as I knew this was not a chance meeting. It was a privilege to give this young man some gospel literature and bring the gospel to him. He was very broken and said other Christians had talked with him 2 weeks prior. Of course he also needed help in a temporal way and God provided for that.

When I dropped him off, I was filled with tears as I thought of how I nearly passed by this young man because of his appearance.

“There go I except for the grace of God” I do not know whether I will ever hear from this young man again. I do know by the grace of God I will be more aware of street people and there need of the gospel.
It is our commission,” Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation”Mark 16:15

The Lord Jesus is building His Church out of “broken bruised reeds”


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