photoA friend and Christian blogger has encouraged me over the last little while to open a blog. Since I am not an author, a theologian nor a writer, I thought this was impossible. Well here I am about to launch out. The question you will ask is why.

In the last six months I have been conversing on a social media site, there I enjoyed many conversations with other Christians and became close friends with some as far away as Africa. It was very exciting to see God’s grace reaching some who had even been connected with witchcraft. In that media God revealed to me something else. My fifty five years of walking with Him could be used to help younger believers. This blog is started with the prayer as I share things gleaned from the Word of God and my wilderness walk it will reach the hearts of Christians and encourage them to live their lives for the glory of God. If some reach this site who do not have a relationship with God there will be stories of people just like them. People who were reached by God’s grace and now have been placed in the Kingdom of God as Sons through faith in the finished work of the cross. I really want to encourage you to make comments, send some of your testimonies, ask questions or just ask me to pray ( you do not have to give me the reason for the prayer request) because God knows.

Like all Christian blogs I reserve the right to block any comments that are profane, immoral or blaspheme the Name of a Holy God. It is not my purpose to solve any theological or doctrinal debates that have been going on for years. You can certainly state your views but remember we are to show love and respect for all believers.

Just a little introduction to myself; I am a retired nurse, have been married for 49 years to a husband who was a gift from God. My passion is the Word of God, reaching others with the gospel and that my life may bring glory to My Heavenly Father. It might be of interest to some who want to make comments on the blog what my thoughts are on some controversial topics in the Scripture. Reformed, Monergistic Amillennialist is my stand at present and enjoy discussing these in a friendly way.

Some of the postings you will find are: personal testimonies; musings from bible meditations, my own and others; comments on current events that effect us as Christians; biblical thoughts on Christian family life; any articles that will encourage and strengthen our pilgrim way.

” On God my salvation and my glory rests” Psalm 62:7

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Wonderful intro! So grateful that The Lord has laid this on your heart so we younger Christians,babes really can glean from your learning over the many years.

    Looking forward to learning & sharing!

    Much love!

  2. It is a joy to read of your love for God, and of your 55 year walk with Him.
    May The Lord bless you as you reach out to bless others, for His Glory.
    That blessing is assured, since our God honors those who honor Him,
    In the love of Him Who first loved us,

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