The Testimony of David Stockhover

dreamtime-miracle-of-salvationDave Stockhover’s testimony
To the Chosen Workman
The first thing I’d like to say is thank you for the opportunity to share my testimony with you.  I know that a testimony doesn’t save anybody.  But, if used properly, I think it can be a good tool to use to present the gospel and to show the mighty workings of our God.
I  do not want to sound like I’m glorifying my sin because that is not the case. But, as Paul Washer said, “The cross of Christ is most magnified when it is placed against the backdrop of man’s depravity”. I believe this to be true.
My wife and I were married at a very young age. I was 21 and she was 19. The reason for this was the fact that we put the cart before the horse, so to speak. She was pregnant with my son. We were married in February 1991 and my son was born in April 1991. 4 years later, in August of 1995, my daughter was born.
My mother stayed at home with me until I was old enough to get myself off the bus and into the house. I wanted my wife to be able to do the same thing so I worked every available hour I could at my job, as well as picking up side jobs at night, like delivering pizza, to make ends meet. We had very little money so it was a rough time for us. We had loving family that was always there for support if and when we needed it but that did not make it any less stressful.
During this time, we were going to and involved in a Free Methodist church. If you are not familiar with that denomination, they are a twin sister to the Nazarene church when it comes to theology.  There is very little difference between the two. It is in the Wesleyan / Arminian tradition….a holiness church, if you will. At any rate, we were there every time the church doors were open, for the most part. But, I can attest to the fact that I was never saved. Oh, I went to the altar and prayed several times and placed some salve on my conscience but I was never truly saved. I will not speak for my wife because that isn’t for me to judge the heart. I can tell you for a fact that I was a false convert.
Now that I have given some background, back to the story.

Famous Hymns & the Authors

Charlotte_ElliottToday I attended the funeral of a wonderful Christian lady who at 94 went to be with her dearly loved Savior. I learned one of her favorite hymns was the one by Charlotte Elliott, “Just as I Am” This hymn has been sung for many years and there are many stories of people being gloriously converted through the words of this hymn. I cannot authenticate the validity of the story I heard today at the funeral concerning this hymn but I will pass it on as It is probably true.

Charlotte went to be with her beloved Savior in Sept. of 1871. Those disposing of her belongings, discovered in a desk drawer over 100 letters from people who had put their faith in Charlotte’s Savior through the lyrics of, “Just as I Am” It was very touching to hear this but my heart was also filled with praise and adoration to think of the grace of our God who continues to use this hymn as a means to bring His Sons into the Kingdom. Think of it this was over 100 years ago!

She trusted the Savior after a young Christian pastor asked her the question; “I hope you are a Christian” Charlotte became very angry but the Spirit of God would not let that question leave her. She met the pastor again and told him her story asking how she could find this Savior. His reply, “You have nothing of merit to bring God, you must come just as you are” from there the Holy Spirit worked in her heart and she became a child of God.
It was after this she penned these beautiful words:

“Just as I am, without one plea,But that thy blood was shed for me And that thou bids me come to thee,O Lamb of God, I come”

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The Testimony of the Called Workman

29-1620-125_l2.jpgThis may raise some questions when I say I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not “believe”:

  1. I was a sinner
  2. Jesus died for my sin
  3. Jesus was God’s eternal perfect Son
  4. God was Sovereign over all His creation

By God’s grace I was born into a Christian family,brought up in a very fundamental church and memorized scriptures from 3 years old. At age three I can remember lying on the grass looking into the clear blue summer skies and thinking about God. As I thought, I was amazed how He loved and sent His Son to die on a cross. Actually, I would even thank God for His Son. My father would answer my varied questions about God, and was delighted to do so. I must add at this point even with all this thinking and thanking I was not yet saved.

Even though I never committed any great sins, I was very much aware that because Adam sinned I was under the curse of sin and to die in this condition would mean an eternity banished from God. The Sun in the sky always reminded me just how pure and holy God was and I had to be perfect to be in His heaven. I had memorized many of the verses in scripture with the word “believe” but I could not understand that word because I always “believed” and as yet was not saved.

At age 6 by my own reasoning I decided, I “believe” so I must be saved and openly confessed this. However, from that time on I carried a heavy burden of my sin until age 15. I had been baptized joined the church, evangelized, read my bible and did all I could to live like a Christian. As I grew older the burden of my sin nature caused deep distress until finally I told my parents and the elders of my church I remained in my sins. They were totally astonished and tried to convince me that it was just a time of doubting. I would not listen because I knew I did not have God’s salvation and I wanted that more than anything else.

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Testimony of Amar

The following is the testimony of a man from Burgeon, India

I came to know Christ about 7 years ago. One of my friends invited me to church. I went and it was a nice experience. At that time my hobbies were following girls all the time, smoking, fighting and all kinds of nasty things. At that time I believed all gods were the same because I was born and brought up in a Hindu family.
I started going to church once a month for over one year. I heard the word of God and they taught how Jesus is the only true God. I learned that Christ died for my sins and He rose again on the third day and His blood paid for my sins. I must by faith trust in the work Jesus did at the cross and make Him Lord of my life. It is only then my life would change. Jesus said, you have not chosen me but I have chosen you. And faith is not my own but it is the gift of God. By his grace I gave my life to Christ.
My life and my thinking did change:
In the past I was worshipping creation but now the Creator. God is not an animal and God is not a playboy. He is holy.
I still sin but Christ died for my sin. Christ’s love is an undying love. It is not possible to grasp how wide, how deep and high is his love for us.
Now I can see myself and realized that I’m great sinner but Christ is a great Savior. I’m saved by only what Christ has done for me on the cross.
I was dead in sin but now I’m alive in Christ.
My aim is to serve The Lord.
By the grace of God my family is neutral and supportive but not Christians. I pray for their salvation that they may worship Christ alone because only Christ is worthy of all worship, honor and praise.
– Amar

Just to add to this, I received a message from Amar that he is entering seminary to become a pastor. “Amazing Grace”