The Hallelujah Choir

Angels_singing_Signs_of_AngelsThis morning I have been enjoying wonderful thoughts from Psalm 148 and thought I might just jot them down. I pray that this posting may encourage you to read the five Hallelujah Psalms ( 146-150; called this because they all begin and end with Hallelujah)

First sit down and listen as the author wants us to hear the choirs sing a song of praise to Jehovah. In verses 1-6 the angels in heaven begin, than all the hosts of heaven join in to sing of His glories. The sun, the moon, the stars the firmament honor Him as the great creator and sustainer of the universe. In verses 7-8 the author does not stop there; but now the created sea creatures join in their praise. Imagine the fire, hail, snow, clouds and the stormy gale sing forth their praise of Jehovah’s omnipotence. In verse 9 when the author speaks of the mountains, hills, trees, birds and creeping things it took me through a mountain walk, the rustling leaves, the singing of the birds,every where you look there is beauty. My mind’s eye began to sing, “Oh Lord my God, How Great Thou Art”
Verses 11-14 seemed to me like the magnificent finale. The rulers, young men, maidens, old men and children of all the earth raise their voices in praise to Jehovah. He alone is exalted, he is recognized as reigning King. Now Jehovah “raised up a Horn for all His saints for the people of Israel who are near Him” Jehovah has given “His people their dignity and power” ( J.Flanigan, What the Bible Teaches )